Yes, they are. Although their legal status in EU countries is not “refugee” according to the rules they are allowed to work in EU and associated countries.

The researcher receives his/her salary by the employer. For this reason the researcher and the employer sign a hiring contract between themselves. According to the program the coordinator reimburses the average monthly salary for the country to the company/NGO based on another contract – the 3-sides contract. The 3-sides contract is available on the menu of each registered researcher. More details about this contract you can also see HERE.

The program concerns only the monthly salary of the researcher. If the company/NGO has its own internal rules and resources to support their employees they might apply in this case too. However this point is not included in the 3-sides contract that is to be concluded between them. More details about this contract could be seen HERE.

No, he/she takes their final decision after the interview with the company/NGO representative.

Then the company/NGO will interview the researcher with second high ranked application.

The company/NGO could prolong the contract with the researcher depending on his/her performance. This however happens outside the program scope.

This means that companies and NGOs could use this program to hire a refugee/displaced researcher for a trial/probation period of max 6 months. After this period It is up to the companies and NGS to decide if they would like to keep this employee or not. In the second case when their contract ends they do not prolong it.

This is done through a monthly payment by the coordinator to the company/NGO. See also the answer to the next question. There are details about the contracts.

Once the company or the NGO approves the candidate there need to be concluded 2 contracts – one between the company and the refugee researcher for hiring him/her for the period of the “internship” and another 3-sides contract between the coordinator of the program, the company/NGO and the refugee researcher.

The 3-sides contract is available on the menu of each registered company/NGO and could also be downloaded HERE.

The support that the companies/NGOs receive through this program is not limited to financing. The program is constructed in a way that saves the 1st step in the hiring process – checking CVs. Further the program team helps the HR departments/persons in the 2nd step of the hiring process. This is done by evaluation and ranking of the researchers’ motivation which is in the core of the application. 

No, there is not such obligation within the program scope. However if the company/NGO has its own rules and resources on this it may apply them in this case.

If the company or the NGO would like to open a position only within the program frame then it should be mentioned in the description. The best way to make clear that this offer is temporary and is related to the program is to include in the description the following text: "This position is opened for a period of... (1-6 months) and is valid within the EURAXESS Internship Program for Refugee and Displaced Researchers in Europe. Applicants should apply through it at https://internship.euraxess.bg/ "

Then the company/NGO will be offered to have an interview with the next in rank. This continues until the company/NGO decides who of them they will hire. If none of them is approved then the company/NGO is free to leave the job offer opened for future candidates or delete it.