Evaluation аnd Decision Committee

SU as a program coordinator and the supporting organisations agree and appoint an Evaluation and Decision Committee. It will consist of experienced EURAXESS members that are not directly involved in the project implementation and other external experts. They will work on voluntary basis. For evaluating process the committee will break up into smaller teams. Each evaluating team will consist of 3 members. Each team will be assigned to evaluate all applications for a specific internship offer. The committee will gather after each cutoff date to review and discuss the outcomes of the process. This process will continue until ending the project financial resource.

Evaluation of the internship

The Evaluation and Decision Committee will be also responsible for analysing of the feedback of the internship and provide their opinion to the Program Coordinator.

The evaluation of the internship will be done by the Evaluation and Decision Committee on 5 star scales after the internship ends. It will be based on the analysis of the feedback collection by the SU team. The results will be provided to the SU team for final reporting to the funding entity EC.