Hosting Organisations

Eligibility Criteria

Any company, SME or an NGO that:

  • Is based in a EU member state or in an associated country,
  • Operates legally in the country and
  • Has posted its offer on the EURAXESS Jobs Portal,

Is eligible to apply for hosting a refugee or displaced researcher/s under the EURAXESS Internship Program


The matching process will be supported by SU team through communication with both the researchers and the host organisations. The internship offers will be funded on a first come first take basis. This means that those that registered first their internship offers will be funded first. This relates to the applications for these offers - they will be evaluated and ranked respectively. The Coordinator will arrange an interview of the employer with the researcher which application is ranked highest. If they do not agree to start the program then another interview will be arranged with the next researcher in the ranking list for this offer. This will continue with each internship offer up to the point when the the program financial resource ends. If there is more than one suitable researcher's application with same evaluation result for one and the same internship offer the hosting organization will have the final decision after an interview with the applicants. If there is no application rated above the threshold (rated by 70%/70 points) then the hosting organisation will be able to see applications from the waiting list. If there is no suitable opening the researcher/s can still submit an application in the view of possible later openings and the next cutoff date but this is a decision on their own risk.

The anonymised lists of interested researchers, their specialty and skills is available HERE! Please, log in first or register and then log in!

The list, brief description, and job openings for highly qualified professionals can be found HERE! Please, log in first or register and then log in!


The host organisation shall commit to:

  • Conclude a hiring contract with the researcher for the whole internship duration,
  • Organise an interview with each researcher if there is more than one applicant for one place with rate above the threshold of 70 % / 420 points and choose the intern,
  • Assign a mentor for the intern researcher, 
  • Provide the intern researcher/s the opportunity to broaden and deepen their professional experience and skills,
  • Allow  the researcher/s with meaningful tasks that contribute to the operational and or strategic development of the organization, 
  • Comply with the data protection rules.

The host organisation decides to what level the internship will be remunerated. This will not affect the reimbursement that the intern will receive through the EURAXESS Internship program. More details are available in the section Financial Support.

Number of interns

There is no limit of how many researchers an organization may host during the program.


The hosting organisation must assign a mentor to the researcher. The mentor's role includes:

  • Preparing a plan for the internship,
  • Regular contact with the researcher for updates on the progress, 
  • Exchanging feedback and 
  • Informing the SU team about any changes or issues regarding the internship.

The EURAXESS Internship Program team strongly recommends mentors to participate in a training course for mentors arranged by the project, in order to be well prepared for the role. To disseminate their acquired knowledge to other mentors and to the project team, mentors are welcome to sign up for the networking events and for further events in the project.


Upon completion of the internship, the host organisation undertakes to issue a certificate within four weeks after the end of the internship. The certificate must include:

  • The organisation's letterhead,
  • The researcher's name and date of birth,
  • The duration of the internship,
  • The researcher’s main tasks and responsibilities and
  • A brief overall evaluation of the researcher's performance.


During the internship there will be arranged online:

  • Initial test on level of knowledge, skills and expectations of the researchers according the requirements of the host organisation,
  • Training for the host organisations’ mentors,
  • Collection of feedback at the internship middle stage and
  • Collection of the final feedback.

Legal Engagement

Internship Agreement with the Hosting Organisation

When the intern is identified SU, the researcher and the hosting organization conclude a three sides contract for conducting of the internship. The contarct is based on the organisation’s interests and needs. Participation of the host organization in the program is voluntary. The host organization has no financial obligations under this agreement, which does not exclude the possibility of funding the researcher on a voluntary basis and by an internal organisation decision.

Application supporting documents

While applying for the internship program the host organisation has to provide:

  • Filled in an online application form,
  • Short description of the organisation and its main areas of operation including a website link if available and 
  • Short bio of the appointed mentor.

Collecting, elaborating, using and deleting of the personal data is organised according to the data protection rules and requirements!

Application Process

The application process opens in two tracks: 

  • 1st track for organisations opens 20th Feb 2024
  • 2nd track for researchers opens 20th Mar 2024 (TBC) 

All applicants, researchers and host organisations, can withdraw their application at any time by sending an email to .  

Host organisations are kindly requested to check their eligibility before applying!